2022-2023 “The Voice of Parents” Singing Contest

“The Voice of Parents” singing contest was successfully held on 28 April 2023. A total of 16 groups of contestants and more than 80 enthusiastic attendees participated in the event. PTA wants to thank professional singer Ms Vikki Tong for her guest performance and for being a judge for the competition. Special thanks to Ms. Queenie Liu and Ms. Vanessa Gadzieva for being the judges as well. Finally, PTA wants to extend her appreciation to many teachers for their time and effort in bringing a pleasant and unforgettable evening to parents and students. Several awards were presented at the event, including the “Supreme Golden Melody Award,” “My Favorite Song Award,” Gold Awards, and Silver Awards. This competition not only showcased the participants’ talents but also had strengthened the connection between our parents and school. Congrats to all participants!

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